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Harmonized Tariff Services LLC provides expert advice in the HTS classification of all types of imported products. We provide not only the HTS classification and duty rate, but also, where appropriate, the FDA Industry Product Code, the Schedule B (export) code and the Export Control Classification Number (ECCN). We have special expertise in chemical products including fine chemicals, finished pharmaceuticals, raw materials, intermediates, natural products and immunological products such as monoclonal antibodies & chemokines.

Customs Laboratory Services LLC, our sister company, provides expert tariff advice and "U.S. Customs" laboratory analysis services for all types of imported consumer products. CLS has special expertise in footwear including fashion footwear, athletic shoes, rain boots and house slippers. They also provide tariff & lab services for handbags, totes & backpacks and ski- and rain-jackets. CLS also provides "tariff engineering" services on an as-needed basis, advising clients on how to make minor changes to the products under development so as to lower the future import duty rate (sometimes by a factor of four or more) but retain the product's performance and style & fashion statements.

Finally, both companies work with a large network of independent commercial and university laboratories in order to provide, on a referral basis, lab testing services for CPSIA, FDA, California's Prop-65 and other government requirements.

HTS LLC Services

  • Lab Analysis of Imported Products

  • HTS Classification of Imported Products

  • Tariff Engineering to Lower Duty

  • FDA Product Code of Imported Foods & Drugs

  • Binding Rulings from U.S. Customs
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