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About Harmonized Tariff Services LLC

Harmonized Tariff Services LLC is a customs consulting firm and a licensed customhouse broker in Potomac, Maryland, near Washington DC. Founded as Customs Science Services, Inc., in 1989, Harmonized Tariff Services LLC has been providing expert advice on HTS classifications & "customs" lab testing to the international trade community ever since. Our clients include 12 of the 100 largest U.S. industrial corporations (Forbes) and about 200 smaller companies. In addition, we provide expert scientific advice and laboratory referral services to a number of customs attorneys and customhouse brokers. We have almost 40 years of experience in "customs" matters.

Harmonized Tariff Services LLC works closely with our sister company, Customs Laboratory Services LLC, which is a commercial testing laboratory in nearby Rockville, Maryland.


Recent Projects
  • Develop a database of Due Diligence reports on the HTS classifications of an acquired company's complete inventory of drugs, excipients & research substances.

  • "Tariff Engineer" an entire line of casual footwear at the "development" stage to lower the import duty from 37.5 percent to 6.0 percent.

  • Test an entire line of snowmobile jackets & pants for "water resistance" under AATCC Test Method No. 35 to avert an import duty rate advance.

  • Give seminars on the HTS classification of Footwear; Pharmaceuticals; Rubber & Plastics; and Household & Personal Products.
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